for preorder / custom


The 4 Steps

  1. DM / E-mail me the pet you want to custom or preorder
    For custom: please send me pictures of your pet, I could not give you any further detail before that

  2. I will send you a listing to pay for

  3. Sit back & relax! Wait for your pet to be made (approx. 4-5 weeks)

  4. You will receive an email once your pet is ready to head home!


Things you NEED to know

PREORDER: There is a $20 USD preordering fee per pet

CUSTOM ORDER: The price range is $180 - $200 USD per pet

*Refund is NOT permitted for both custom & preorder

Special Request

- You can request drainage hole on your pot (FREE)

- You can request a floral crown on your pet with a $20 USD fee

- You can request a beret or party hat on your pet with a $15 USD fee

- You can request colour changes, $5 per each colour change


Why custom & preorder?

- Skip the lineup! If you missed the perfect pet for gift or yourself, now you don't have to panic!

- Capture your own pet in ceramic pot form. Even they are not with you anymore, you still have them as a company:" )

- There are pets that I seldom & won't be making anymore. If that specific pet means something to you, this service could help.

- If you missed the "Limited Time Only" pet and don't want to wait for another year for it to come back, you can use this service.