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#5 Chocolate Decorative Pot (s)

#5 Chocolate Decorative Pot (s)

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Handthrown Stoneware Ceramic

Decorative Pot

Made with:

  • Multiple stonewares
  • Unglazed
  • High fired in a kiln

Size List:

  • XS 6 x 6 cm ~
  • S  7 x 7 cm ~
  • M 10 x 8 cm ~
  • L  10 x 9 cm ~

*Please note that the measurements are approximate. You can refer to the listing name to find the size of the pot.


Note: The surface might be rough due to the bare clay body. If you prefer a smooth surface, you can sand the surface with sandpaper and water. Make sure to wear a mask during the process.